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FREE Sunday Old Court Room  Comedy Night Solo Shows
FREE Sunday Old Court Room  Comedy Night Solo Shows

FREE Sunday Old Court Room Comedy Night Solo Shows

Jenny Hart ‘ Lezard’ and Colin Etches ‘Attention Deficit’

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Current Date/Time Selection

16 Jun 2024, 17:00 – 20:30

Ace Lips Events, Packer St, Rochdale OL16 0JN, UK

About the Event

June Brings something different to a the Old Court Room Comedy night.

Two Solo Festival shows FREE on Sunday 16 June !! Thanks to Cartwheel Arts

Free or VIP tickets available and why not grab a Sunday Roast At the Flyer before the show

Jenny Hart


Award winner Jenny Hart presents her debut hour show Lezard! A chaotic and uplifting show of side splitting observational stand-up, killer songs and a kazoo solo or two. Do you feel like you've never quite fit in? Then come along and join in as we delve deep into the caverns of Jenny's head spooning out inner saboteurs, sexuality and why Lizards are the best pets.

Colin Etches at 6:30pm

‘Attention Deficit’

Debut stand-up show from up-and-coming neurodivergent comedian who shows that, when life is at its darkest, it’s laughter that gets us all through.

In comedy, lots of things go in threes. ADHD, Autism and Dyspraxia aren’t usually the first that come to mind. As an adult, neurodivergent comedian, Colin Etches, was diagnosed with all of these, and, in the darkest of times, he discovered the healing power of laughter.

Let Colin share that healing power with you as he takes a frank and funny look at his own life story and inner workings of his unique mind. Finally, at the age of 44, he can drop the mask and get to grips with being the autistic, clumsy, runaway adoptee son, sibling, parent, grandparent and life partner he was born to be.

You have Colin’s permission to laugh at his awkwardness, and through his hilarious stories come to understand what life is like for someone whose life often takes ridiculous turns. And not always the turns Colin would choose! His is a unique perspective on life, love and everyday situations. Join him to see things from his, often absurd, point of view.

'Colin was awesome, my kind of comedian' - Tony Laws

'relatable, yet ridiculous' - Ed Fringe

Mr Etches tells us this show has been three years in the writing, but it has been worth the wait. The show doesn’t have a narrative so much as a shape, sketched obliquely with hints and allusions rather than detailed in a technocratic diagram. This is reflective of Mr Etches himself and his particular flavour of neurodivergence, a butterfly mind curious about the world presenting his wonderings and observations

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