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Little Glastonboro Token System

We can't wait to welcome you our events! We thought it best to give you a little more information about the token system that will be operating. If you've been to music or beer festivals before then you will have come across these systems before.

We are operating a TOKEN SYSTEM at all locations at the event.

Don’t be scared to embrace the festival experience!

Tokens speed up the service at bars and reduce the time spent queuing. Plus they are really easy to use!

Tokens can be purchased at the token station by the entrance or back of the hall.

1. Tokens can be purchased with cash or card but we do recommend cash to speed up the process.

2. Each token is worth £2

3. Everything at the event will use tokens!

4. Tokens will be available to purchase throughout the event.

5. Tokens can be reimbursed before you leave from the token booth.

All festivals do have queues at peak times however we know the token system will help to speed up service at the bars.

We look forward to seeing you!

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