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We can't wait to welcome you to Oktoberfest Rochdale next weekend! It's going to be a great night!

Entry is from 7pm-8pm. We have a full bar stocked with something for everyone including German beer. We also have Bratwursts and a Vegan Dog being served throughout the night.

We are operating a TOKEN SYSTEM at this event. Don’t be scared to embrace the party experience!

Tokens speed up the service at bars and reduce the time spent queuing. Plus they are really easy to use!

Tokens can be purchased at the token station. Please ask a marshall for help if you need assistance with your tokens.

Tokens can be purchased with cash or card but we do recommend cash to speed up the process.

Each token is worth £2.50

Everything at the event will use tokens! Tokens will be available to purchase upon entry.

Tokens can be reimbursed until the end of the night.

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Another amazing year, Little Glastonboro 2023 - you will be one to remember.

Unlike last years torrential rain, we were blessed with clear skies (only after 2pm, unfortunately) which carried on through the entirety of the night.

You know that great feeling when you entering a concert or festival and the music has started to vibrate your soul, your itching for a boogie and the sun is shining... well that's how this event went, especially considering you could hear the music from as far as the bottom of Todmorden Road to the top of Shore Road, what a way to make those few unlucky locals jealous!

I would like to make a huge shoutout and thank each and every one of the amazing entertainers who came and put 100% into their performances, we have heard nothing but glowing feedback on the day and since, you will all be tough acts to follow for LGB 2024.

Please feel free to head over to our Facebook page and leave us some comments about your favourite acts! We love hearing about everyone's experience.

Apart from one act - BOOMIN' who broke down on their way to the event, we were so upset and not for the sake of the event, but that all our lovely festival goers missed out on such a high energy party band, they would have had you lot standing on your decking chairs - never mind sitting in them!! On second thoughts, maybe it was a blessing in disguise they broke down haha. Seriously though, we aim to have this incredibly talented band back for you all, hopefully.

As well as the brilliant entertainment for the adults, the children had face paint stalls, bouncy castles, inflatables - oh, all sorts! We hope this helped keep the little jumping beans occupied long enough for you parents to enjoy each aspect of the day.

The food, OH LORD, the food. Is anyone else still reminiscing over their stone baked pizza?! For the love of god, what did they put in those thangs! Don't even get me started on the fried chicken, special fried rice and noodles... the only crying shame is not being able to try EVERY food stall, including the burger stall, butty van and Bombay Brew, but next year you're all on my bucket list.

A special thank you to everyone at Littleborough Cricket Club and the Little Glastonboro team for making this day what it was.

We could never forget our lovely sponsors, we are so grateful for the opportunity you provide for us to make this day switch from a possibility to a reality.... thank you.


Don't forget that the Super Early Bird offer for Little Glastonboro 2024 is now on sale! For the next seven days, you an secure tickets at our lowest price, please don't miss out on this opportunity.

Keep your eyes peeled as pictures will shortly follow.

Cheers to Little Glastonboro 2023! It's been a pleasure, as always.

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to LITTLE GLASTONBORO on Saturday, 1st July. To ensure an enjoyable and safe festival experience for everyone, please read this VERY IMPORTANT event information. 


Gates Open: 1 PM

Last entry: 4 pm

Music Finishes: 10 pm

Curfew: 11 pm 


There will be no re-admittance to the festival if you leave the grounds 


Only food and drink for very young children and for medical reasons will be allowed. A Foodie Village is on-site with various food vendors and options to choose from. Outdoor festival bars serving alcoholic and soft drinks. 


Without these rules, the festival would not be viable but it also supports local food traders & businesses in our community. 


Everyone will need an individual ticket to enter the festival. If booked online please ensure you print all tickets or have them available on your mobile if you have selected this option. If you have paper tickets, please ensure each person in your group has their own ticket. Ticket categories will be checked to ensure it matches the person entering. The events team reserve the right to refuse entry. So please ensure you have booked the correct category. VIP upgrade ticket holders will need both a copy of their standard ticket and their Upgrade ticket. 


V.I.P ticket holders will be given a wristband which will need to be worn at all times. If you are not wearing your wristband you will not be able to gain entry to V.I.P facilities. 


Under 16’s MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18. 

Children under 6 are free but still need a ticket you can get these free on our website 

Children aged 6-15 need a child ticket. Anyone aged 16 and over requires an adult ticket. No unaccompanied children will be granted admittance to the festival. 


This is a music festival, if you have young children you may want to bring some ear defenders. 


The festival will be filmed and photographed for marketing and promotional purposes. By entering the festival site you are giving your consent to be featured. 


Please take all your rubbish to the nearest bins or take it home with you. 


Only assistance dogs will be allowed into the festival. 


We will be operating a TOKEN SYSTEM at Little Glastonboro. Tokens speed up the service at bars and reduce the time spent queuing. Plus they are really easy to use! 

Tokens can be purchased at the token station next to the outdoor bar. VIP guests can see the marshall in the area who has a supply of tokens to sell. 

• Tokens can be purchased with cash or card 

• Cash purchases are in increments of £20

• Each token is worth £2.25

• Everything at the event will use tokens! 

• Tokens will be available to purchase from 1 pm -10 pm. 

• Tokens can be reimbursed before you leave from the token booth. 

All festivals do have queues at peak times however we feel the token system speed service at the bars. 


Please ensure you bring cash and change. Card payments will be accepted to purchase tokens. There is no ATM on site. 


The festival and bars operate a ‘Challenge 25’ policy. Please ensure you bring valid and recognised photographic ID. 


Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather forecast. 


This is a standing festival but free to bring camping chairs and picnic blankets for your comfort. However please ensure these are positioned away from the area directly in front of the stage to allow for standing room. We would prefer people to refrain from bringing umbrellas in order to not obstruct the view of other festival-goers. 


For everyone’s safety, our security teams will carry out bag checks and pat-downs. 


No parking is available on site. Please find alternative ways of getting to and from the venue. Please respect local estates and park responsibly. We advise walking to the cricket club. 


Little Glastonboro and the venue accept no liability for the loss or damage of your own personal property whilst attending our festival. 


Everyone is attending the festival to have a good time. Please ensure you are respectful and courteous to fellow festival-goers, volunteers and staff. Any unruly, disrespectful or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and the security team reserve the right to remove you from the festival site. Please also be respectful to local residents and their property both en route to and going home from the festival.


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