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2 weeks ago saw the first ‘Bombay Bingo’ event take place at Champness Hall with huge success!

The event saw ‘What’s Occurrin’ Rochdale’ team up with the Indian Street Food Restaurant ‘Bombay Brew’ to bring a fun night of bingo, Indian food, games, live music AND a plethora of prizes to be won!

The 2 bingo hosts, added some brilliant character to the evening and bounced off each other well, making the audience have a laugh along the way. The evening included 3 games of bingo with opportunities to win prizes for a ‘line’ as well as a ‘full house’ – but it wasn’t just a simple win, the winner had the opportunity to take the winnings or gamble their prize to win an even better one - which saw winner walking away with 6 inflatable Elephants..! The socially distanced show even had audience members on stage to take part in live games such as Pictionary and a drinking game involved a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale! Some of the other prizes given out on the evening included tickets the ‘Milnrow Calling’ Festival being held on the 31st August at Milnrow Cricket Club and a 4 SLICE TOASTER!!

The bingo was not the only enjoyable part of the evening though, between the games the audience devoured a delicious Indian street food meal provided by Bombay Brew, a Samosa Smash followed by a Butter Chicken Kebab – yes curry in a kebab!! Also, the audience were treated to a full Indian themed bar on offer, with support from The Bombay Brew offering their own craft ale, cocktails and more!

The final game of bingo saw audience members with their bingo dabbers at the ready and their heads down with frantic game of ‘Speed Bingo’ - which despite gigantic, inflated balloons being bounced around the room – did not stop anyone from taking their eyes off their bingo cards!!

After everyone had calmed down from the concentration needed for the ‘Speed Bingo’, the audience were treated to some live music from The Shenanigans duo featuring Chris Addington and Cliff Woodworth, which was not a performance to miss! The band engaged the whole of the audience with some of their own twists on popular charts songs. Some of the audience were visibly moved by Chris’ vocals.

As organisers, we couldn’t have hoped for the event to go better and are looking forward to the next evening of ‘Bombay Bingo’ on the 4th December. In the meantime though, we are looking forward to transforming Champess Hall into a German Bierkeller to host ‘Oktoberfest Rochdale’ on the 17th and 18th of September, with live music being performed by the ‘Jager Maestros Oompah Band’, the North West’s leading German Oompah Band! We hope to see you there!

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