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Brilliant Black Dyke Band Celebrations

They say a picture speaks a thousand words so lets start here:

I simply adore how this picture captured such an authentic moment of the night with the crowd brought to their feet, the Wardle Junior Blast hidden in the back after their talented performance and the world famous Black Dyke Band in their element with the brilliant tenor - Nicholas Watts. Truly, what an experience.

The night consisted of a few light beverages served promptly before the opening act; The Wardle Junior Blast. A massive shout out to Lee Rigg for shaping such a outstanding team of musicians all aged between 7-10 years old, astonishing how such a detail-orientated act could be achieved by such a young group of individuals. Thrilling.

If the introduction was any indicator of how the rest of the night would play out, we were in for a special evening.

7:30pm rolled up and the crowd now arrived at peak anticipation... even when preparing ourselves for the night the Black Dyke Band exceeded any expectations. They were captivating from start to finish, performing songs such as God Save the Queen, James Bond theme tune, River dance and many other intricate numbers. This in combination with our last minute life-saver, Nicholas Watts, the pair were a match made in heaven. His voice can only be described as powerful yet angelic, this is a performance I don't think any of us will forget for a long, long time.

If you want the opportunity to experience this evening there are tickets available for the 2023 showing! Tickets now sold on our website.

A special thank you to everyone involved in the success of the evening, including the Black Dyke Band, the Wardle Junior Blast, Nicholas Watts, all of the staff/volunteers and Champness Hall.

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