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Bring on the Bubbly!

What a brilliant New Year's Eve bash.

The Jager Maestros sure knew how to enter 2022 in style! The night consisted of three diverse sets all coming together to create the perfect ambience.

The night commenced with a traditional Bavarian set, including games, upbeat songs and swaying. A light ease into the night. The second set altered from a Bavarian to a preview of 'The Jager Jukebox' (a function band version of the Jager Maestros playing all-party tunes, no Bavarian!). This included Bastion Fruit'N'Fibre becoming 'Franz Sinatra' and performing the great hits such as 'That's Life' and 'Feeling Good'. Accompanied by a few alcoholic beverages this brought out what could only be described as a very large, enthusiastic X Factor- style audition.

This was followed by a tribute by Lindsay to the beloved Will Spillane who sadly passed away this year. He was a great friend of the band and did anything he could to help us, he will be deeply missed.

The third and final set involved all dance tunes, including Auld lang syne (obviously) which lead to everyone up and dancing their way into 2022.

We couldn't be happier for Jager Maestros for obtaining such a successful night and we look forward to continuing our support for any upcoming events!

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